Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bloomberg: Stop Whining About PCB's - The Food's Even MORE Toxic

On his radio show yesterday, the mayor told parents, teachers and students to STFU about PCB's and get back to the test prep:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says PCB chemicals found in more than a dozen city public schools do not pose an imminent danger.

Speaking on his radio show this morning, the mayor said polychlorinated biphenyls can be compared to asbestos, in that there is no threat unless the toxins become exposed.

Bloomberg added the city's former health commissioner, Tom Frieden, says a lunchroom staple is more toxic than the schools' lights.

"Tom says basically that one tuna fish sandwich puts more PCBs in your body than breathing air in a normal school for an entire career as a student,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor's remarks came just days after federal inspectors found abnormally high levels of the chemicals at an elementary school in Brooklyn.

After a standoff with the Environmental Protection Agency, Bloomberg recently approved nearly $750 million to replace light fixtures in hundreds of schools over the next 10 years.

The EPA has found toxic PCB levels in EVERY NYCDOE school they spot checked this year.

That's EVERY school.

But the mayor say, "No worries, Starkist is more toxic than the PCB's in the schools!"

Hey, you know what, mayor?

Why don't you get the toxic food AND the toxic PCB's in the lights OUT OF THE SCHOOLS.

Only Bloomberg would think to defend PCB's in the schools by saying that people shouldn't worry because the food is even MORE toxic.


  1. This guy is SUCH a self righteous little's fine for kids...and mostly POOR kids to ingest this stuff...BUT...peeps can't even smoke OUTDOORS ....why? Cause Lil Queenie SAYS's her issue ya know...THANKS Randi for de facto endorsing him, you motherless cunt...THANKS for giving him mayoral control...Thanks Christine fat lapping carpet munching cow, of pushing his third term through...Thanks OBAMA for your de facto endorsement of him...and thanks to all of the CORRUPT city pols for going along with this control FREAK...Now we see his true dictator...and this is what's in store for the future management of this country...we are SHEEP ready for slaughter...BAAAAAAAAAA !

  2. No mention of how toxic the atmosphere between DOE and teachers since King Mike arrived. That could use a little work too, IMO.

  3. It wouldn't surprise me if Mayor Boombie is sitting on the beach right now, rubbing his wizened little hands together, and plotting to fire every teacher in NYC. I wonder - do the oligarchs ever consider what will happen when all those fired teachers are unemployed? Imagine - to teach, you have to have specialized masters degrees and permanent licensure, and in some cases, outside agency certification. In no other profession are such highly educated individuals vilified as they are in primary and secondary education. I'm so tired . . .