Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloomberg Acts Like The Sun King -- Or Nixon

The Mayor of Money was on the spot today for why he refuses to say where he was before the Christmas Bloomberg Blizzard hit the city:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg today addressed the controversy surrounding his whereabouts during the December blizzard, after the Wall Street Journal published a story today that essentially confirms that he was in Bermuda during the storm.

The mayor reiterated that where he goes when he does not have a public schedule is private and that he is not required to disclose his whereabouts.

“The mayor has to be able to have a private life and not disclose where he is,” said Bloomberg. “We’ve set up a policy day one, we’re going to tell you whenever there’s a public event. And I can guarantee you the mayor is always in control and there are always people here. Even if the mayor wasn’t in contact, there’s an executive order that lays it out clearly who’s in charge.”

As part of an exhaustive review of the federal records for Bloomberg’s private planes, the Journal reports one of the mayor’s planes left for Bermuda at 9 a.m. on Christmas Day. That plane returned to New York at 2:49 pm on December 26th.

The Journal says that return flight to LaGuardia was the last private plane allowed into LaGuardia before it was forced to shut down because of the storm.

The mayor made a public appearance a short time later.

Bloomberg said that he has never deputized anyone to be mayor while he was away.

He said that he pays for lodging and food for the police escort whenever he is traveling for personal reasons.

Bloomberg went on to say that there will be no compromise on legislation that is making its way through the City Council that would require the mayor to notify the City Clerk whenever he leaves the city.

Couple of things here:

First, notice that Bloomberg refers to himself in the third person here as "the mayor."

It's as if the position and he are now one.

Maybe after he leaves office - if he leaves office without a Egypt-like coup needed - he'll wanted the title of the office changed to "the Bloomberg."

As in, I wonder who is running for "the Bloomberg" next year.

Also, notice how he says he refuses to disclose where he goes on his off time EVEN IF THE CITY COUNCIL PASSES A LAW SAYING HE HAS TO.

Seriously, think about that for a minute.

He's saying he doesn't have to abide by the law because he doesn't want to.

It's like when Nixon said "It's not against the law if the president does it!"

He's amazing, the Little Mayor - a dictator, the Sun King, Nixon, and a robber baron all wrapped up in one.

I think it's time he gets sent off to San Clemente with Bebe Rebozo.


  1. I don't care what idiots say when they claim that as long as Mikey has his Blackberry and his laptop that "he's on top of the situation" back here in NY. Only if you are watching the snowdrifts pile up and you know that there's no way you're going anywhere for at least several hours so you just check your cupboard and refrigerator and pray you have enough provisions to last thru the storm, can you possibly be "on top of the situation." Only the head of EMS was demoted - why? It is completely understandable why no city agency head wanted to be the individual who declared a "snow emergency." Mikey has made it clear that he is The Emperor and no agency head is going to make a sweeping decision like that without whether his or her head will be made to roll in the Emperor's court. No, no two ways about it - Mikey should have been here. The law being drafted doesn't say he has to tell anyone where he's going, just that the City Council be notified that he's leaving town. He's a FUCKIN' PUBLIC SERVANT - he answers to same public that the rest of the public sector answers to.

  2. Notice the use of the imperial "we" too.

  3. Nixon had way too much class to be compared to the little dictator.

    At least Nixon knew when to bow out. This little bitch is going to try to buy a fourth term or the presidency.


  4. @Lolly - as a dog lover, I take exception to your use of the word "bitch." Mikey's not good enough to be in the company of my dogs.