Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 28, 2011

Bloomberg Releases Layoff List - Then Travels To Albany To Lobby For End To LIFO

The media mogul/billionaire dictator really knows how to frame issues.

First he had the DOE release a list of projected layoffs late last night that shows some schools will lose almost half their current teachers to layoffs.

Then he travels to Albany to lobby for the bills in the Assembly and the State Senate that he HIMSELF paid for that end seniority protections for teachers.

And of course all the papers frame the story the way he wants it framed and will no doubt frame the Albany story the way the mayor wants it framed too unless some Assemblyman gets up in his face and says he's full of shit pushing this LIFO issue when layoffs do NOT have to happen because the city has a surplus and $2 billion extra in tax revenue.

I guess media coordination is what you get when you have a billionaire media mogul with close allies at all the other corporate-owned media outlets who wants to get out his anti-union anti-teacher propaganda aimed at creating fear among teachers, students and parents so that he can demagogue the LIFO issue.


  1. Just 1 word, "Assbag"

  2. I have been way behind in my writing posts about specific issues at hand. I am really disgusted over the city's new proposal to tax 50% of school budgets in the city schools. Principals who were planning to save their left over money now have to give back half of it to the bureaucrats.

    I wrote about it on my blog with the NYT link attached. I feel bad for the principals who do make honest and ethical decisions for their schools. This was extremely uncouth to propose AND IT WAS DONE OVER WINTER BREAK.