Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Problem With Finance, Politics, Education - Everything In American Life

Summed up quite nicely at Political Wire:

Matt Taibbi was talking to a former Senate investigator about the financial crisis -- "one that saw virtually every major bank and financial company on Wall Street embroiled in obscene criminal scandals" -- and he summed it up this way:

"Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail. That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that."

Indeed - that's how Bloomberg, Murdoch, Gates and a bunch of hedge fund criminals are able to finance "grassroots" organizations like the Asshats4Educators that promote their corporate-driven agenda without, you know, getting called on it.

Hey, media - the Asshats4Educators AREN'T teachers anymore - they're PAID LOBBYISTS on the Gates, Bloomberg, and/or Murdoch payrolls.

See how that works?

You call bullshit bullshit.

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