Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloomberg Poisons Schoolchildren

And doesn't give a shit about it - that's the only possible way to read this:

Federal inspectors say they have found toxic PCB chemicals leaking from light fixtures at a public school in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The Environmental Protection Agency says all 19 aging fluorescent light fixtures tested at P.S. 45 showed abnormally high levels of the toxins. Most samples far exceeded government regulations and require removal.

The government and the city Department of Education are in a standoff about how to handle the issue.

DOE officials say the city cannot afford to repair all fixtures in all of its schools and insists the PCB leaks pose no immediate health risk.

The EPA and environmental activists say the contamination is a serious long-term health threat to children and school staff.

A DOE spokesperson said in a statement about P.S. 45, "All leaking ballasts and/or light fixtures that exhibited signs of PCB staining that were inspected by the EPA have already been removed. The remainder of the ballasts or light fixtures in the school will be replaced in the near future."

Six schools, including P.S. 36 on Staten Island, have tested positive this year for the toxin.

PCBs were commonly used in construction materials from the 1950s until the late 1970s, when they were banned. They have been linked to immune and reproductive system disorders.

The Daily News reports that ALL nine city schools spot-checked for dangerous levels of cancer causing PCB's were found to contain elevated levels of toxins.


Not some.

Not a few.


The Daily News says these nine schools are just the "tip of the iceberg" because the DOE told the EPA in a letter that there are "564,000 of the outdated "T12" lights in 772 school buildings across the city."

772 school buildings with 564,000 lights that are KNOWN to cause cancer when they leak PCB's near children.

But the city says it doesn't have the money to do anything about these.

And we just cannot take money from the accountability and performance sectors and use it to, you know, make the schools safe.

I wonder what Shael thinks about this.

Didn't his second wife die of cancer?

Ah, well, what does he care.

His allegiance is ALWAYS to the test data.

Not to the children who he, along with his bosses Cathie Black and Mayor Bloomberg, are in danger of killing by refusing to deal with this health risk problem.

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