Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do Barack Obama And Arne Duncan SUPPORT The Firing Of Every Teacher In Providence?

As Modern School points out here, two weeks ago Secretary of Collaboration Arne Duncan praised the Rhode Island teachers union for all the "collaboration" they have done with the districts in the state.

Last week, the mayor of Providence FIRED EVERY teacher in the city.

Ironically, Obama's Secretary of Collaboration Arne Duncan was silent on the Rhode Island firings.

Perhaps that was because, despite all the collaboration the unionized teachers in Providence have done on issues like Race to the Top, school closures and teacher evaluations, Duncan SUPPORTS the FIRING of EVERY teacher in Providence.

I think, considering his (and his boss's) cheerleading of the FIRING of EVERY teacher up the road in Central Falls, Rhode Island last year, a pretty good argument could made that both Duncan and Obama SUPPORT the FIRING of EVERY teacher in Providence.

Perhaps somebody could ask the Secretary of Collaboration the next time they see him about this?

Or perhaps somebody could ask his boss, President Obama?

I think their silence on this issue is more telling than any jive ass words they could utter, but let's hear those words anyway.


  1. Notice how few, really NONE of the major celebs have gone public in support of the Wisconsin people...? At least we have Steve Earle in our corner...Thanks Steve.

    Steve Earle is throwing hardcore support behind union workers.

    The legendary musician plans to dedicate his SIRIUS XM radio show this weekend to public employees in Wisconsin who are battling their governor's plan to put a stop to unions' collective bargaining rights. Steve's 'Hardocre Troubadour Radio,' which airs Saturday at 9:00 PM ET on Outlaw Country (SIRIUS channel 63, XM channel 12), will spin an hour of pro-union songs -- from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg to the Byrds.

  2. Steve's a good guy - saw him with Roseanne Cash for a taping of Crossroads years back - one of the highlights of my concert going. Glad to hear he's on the side of unions. Saw that the Dropkick Murphy's have released a song from the new cd in support of the Wisconsin workers. And of course Tom Merello from Rage.

    Frankly, in a fight between John Legend, Sting, Alec Baldwin and other teacher-bashing celebs and Earle, the Dropkick Murphy's and Rage Against the Machine, I like the pro-union side much better.

  3. This feeling about Obama being anti-teacher is nothing new, but until Central Falls it was merely a suspicion. Then Central Falls happened, and it was merely an anomaly. Now that another entire city's worth of teachers have been thrown out on their asses - surely not a gesture to fix the budget, but to give the City officials the means by which they can rehire whomever they want, and coupled what's happening in Wisconsin and elsewhere,we are now AT WAR. It is astounding that the news media report Obama officials proudly declaring their support for democracy elsewhere, but they destroy it in their own backyard.

    So many middle-class and union folks, especially African-Americans, were so proud when Obama became President. Barack Obama is a disgrace to all of us. The African-American community and other minority communities need to withdraw their support for this corporate whore and make no bones about ousting him in 2012, if not before. Obama and his ilk are destroying us, and nobody gives a fuck.

  4. Anon2,

    Agree on most of your points. But the key point here is it is a class issue more than a race issue. Sure black folks and minorities get screwed from every which angle. Obama is a neo-liberal , more than he is black and that is the problem.

  5. g3: I agree. I've been posting to so many sites I don't always write the clarity that would get my point across. You say it's a class issue, and you're right, but we all know in our hearts that many people vote with their hearts and not their ideals. I sat in a synagogue shortly after Lieberman was named the VP running mate, and many in the congregation were "so proud" of him simply because he was Jewish. In the same way, many African-Americans were proud to vote for Obama because he is black. As an Asian-American, I watch John Liu with great interest, and I believe he's angling for a shot at the mayor's office. I can't help but feel a sense of pride that an Asian-American might be Mayor of NYC some day, but my pride and hope are tempered by the dreaded "gee, I hope if he gets it, he doesn't fuck up and embarrass us (Asian-Americans)all." I guess what I'm saying is that I hope that the voters who supported him simply because he shares their skin color wake up and realize that he has completely betrayed the middle class, whether black, white, Asian, or other.

    I am utterly disgusted with his silence on the current issues. As RBE pointed out, Obama says just enough to make the middle-class and union members believe that he is on our side, but his actions belie his words as he continually screws us.

  6. For the first African American President, a Democrat, to be nearly silent when unions are clearly being busted is a disgrace. Sad commentary on where we are currently. It's an rule, of which Obama is a shill for...the little guy's getting squashed...