Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bloomberg Sets Up "Front Group" To Lobby Gov't In Comcast-NBC Merger

Read this Nation article on how masterfully Bloomberg manipulates policy decisions using the confluence of media, lobbyists, good government "front groups," and bribes.

We truly live in an oligarchy and Bloomberg is truly one of the owners of the country.

He needs to be sent to the same island Mubarak inhabits post-revolution.

Or the hole in the ground Saddam once called home.


  1. You know you live in a fascist oligarchy when "The People" have no say, or vote in certain broad, significant government mandates. One such mandate is government provisions for illegal and undocumented aliens in major "sanctuary cities" like NYC. I don't know about you, but I don't recall EVER seeing a balance sheet disclosing how many taxpayer billions have gone into providing services for illegals in NYC alone. I don't recall even any official estimate either. I mean , why bother, right? Funds for THAT crew NEVER runs out, right? it's even taboo to suggest any such tabulation, isn't it? But cop or fireman John Q Taxpayer has to sweat out cuts, and oldernteachers worry for their jobs, since they all suck. Yet EVERY illegal is a saint, and don't even ask how much money we're spending on him/her. Mayor Scumbag chooses a reverential tone when he's on the John Gambling Show discussing NYC's "sanctuary status" as if he's talking about a wildlife preserve or something, but how much does that cost ME, Scumberg? And, where is the "accountability" and "transparency" in this area? Shouldn't people who aren't even citizens, and by definition, felons, "sacrifice" just like the rest of us cops,firemen, and teachers? SO, let me get this right....the everyday hardworking city worker should either lose his job or pension or both, because the country is broke, mostly due to crooked pols and the criminal activity of Wall Street hedge funders, BUT the illegal crowd should get even MORE in the way of benefits, food stamps, hospital care, and who knows what else? AND ON'T EVEN ASK ABOUT IT, YOU ARE A RACIST IF YOU DO. I don't know about you, but I see A SLEW of Mexican woman walking around with 3, 4, and 5 young kids, from new borns to older kids. How can she do this without massive help from the city-in housing, medical, and food care?

    One sacred cow in this town, and across the nation, is the cost of social services spent on illegal and/or undocumented aliens. They have ENTIRE schools on DOE funds that ONLY have illegals on their rosters. I would think that MOST "ELLs" are illegal. So, if they receive free school services-what else do they receive for free? Scumberg would rather lay off American citizens who have contributed to their community for years, INCLUDING being taxpayers YET, ANY "transparent" discussion of the cost of illegals by government is taboo. Does this make any sense to you? In essence, Bloomberg would MUCH rather lay off a 50 year old teacher, so three illegals can continue to get services, even though that teacher has supported illegals for years with his tax dollars. Welcome to Serfdom 101...Hail, hail The King...


    That's a pretty good take-down of Cathie B.