Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Few Reasons To Vote For Tish James

She's gotten a lot of political endorsements.

She's got the unions.

She has the Working Families Party.

Her opponent, Dan Squadron, has the Wall Street crooks and the Democrats for Education Reform and Chuck Schumer.

You should vote Tish James next Tuesday.

The turnout will be low because there is no mayoral or comptroller runoff election.

So whichever candidate turns out their voters most will win this thing.

Let's try and make that candidate Tish James.

She has a real shot to win this election.

She got 36% of the vote in the primary to Dan Squadron's 33%.

But it's a whole new race now.

Every vote matters.

Vote Tish James for Public Advocate.


  1. I'm for Tish James too at this time but some of my contacts have pointed to her varied views on education and charters -- she actively backed Plantation like Achievement First implantation in public school buildings. We exposed the "no excuses" brutality of AF in our film. I feel she has evolved as the school wars heated up. My friend whose school was undermined by AF tells me to watch our backs.

    1. I think with any politician we should watch our backs. That includes her. That said, of all the four mayor PA candidates - Saujani, the TC professor, Squadron and James - she is the best by far. I was given a little pause when our old DFER friend Reshma endorsed her, but I think that was as much because Saujani dislikes Squadron so much as anything. Still, I am under no illusions that a pol can turn on you at any moment. As always, it's good to hold these people accountable to their promises and their constituencies.

    2. Another "lesser of the 2 evils"...I think she has her baggage as well--she won't release her tax returns and that's telling. I lost all faith in Chucky years ago when he secretly backed Obama. So any endorsement from him doesn't mean squat.
      I voted for the TC prof because she came out for unions 100% and her best sound bite was "Don't mess with my daddy's pension!!"
      I didn't appreciate James' attack on her being a Catholic and trying to link it to abortion rights.