Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Geo Karo On The NY Times Sandanista Hack Piece On De Blasio

If you haven't seen Geo Karo's post on the hack job the NY Times did on Bill de Blasio the other day over the Sandanista bit, you should read it.

Geo says the Times took the FOX News route on this and I think that's exactly right.

That all three daily newspapers - the Post, the News and the Times - are attacking de Blasio daily should tell you something about the fears these people have over what a post-Bloomberg New York City will be like.

It seems unreasonable to me, as I wrote earlier today.

And yet, when you see how shrill they're getting, you can see how fearful they are.


  1. Yea I'm thinkin'... if de Blasio is our next mayor, he's in a no win situation. NYC editorials are gonna make sure of that. Crime up... graduation down... poverty up... everything Bloomberg covered up with lies... the papers are gonna blame de Blasio.

    1. I agree. The 911 system is particularly a mess, but if there is a crisis and it goes down, they will blame him for it. They will blame him for everything, Bloomberg will get a pass on everything. As Mel Brooks says, It's good to be the king!

  2. It won't be nearly an equal playing field in contrast to Bloomberg.
    From 2002 to date, media outlets have been terrified of incurring his wrath and have generally parroted his press releases. From the standpoint of local journalism --that criticizes the mayor, that part of civic life has been on a lower burner for a decade.
    The city, not ruled by a billionaire, made wealthy by a media venture, will recieve more authentically critical attention from the media. This alone, in comparison with the general kid gloves treatment that Bloomberg got, will give the impression that de Blasio will be a failure. The media honeymoon will last a handful of days at best.