Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 30, 2013

Charter School Operators Threaten De Blasio

The Wall Street Journal reports that charter school operators say they would "reduce services" if he is elected mayor and charges them rent for taking up public space in public school buildings.

This is tantamount to a threat from the charter operators.

They're using children as hostages in this battle.

But I have an idea how they can handle the rent expenditures without having to cut services for children.

They can cut the salaries of the CEO's of the schools and slash the advertising budget to zero.

Eva Moskowitz makes double what the NYCDOE chancellor makes.

Success spends an awful lot of money on p.r. and advertising.

Cut those expenditures and use them as rent.

Problem solved.

As for independent charters that have less money than the powerful charter chains, they can be charged a sliding scale, depending on need.

That can all be worked out.

But to use children and cutting services as a threat against de Blasio - unconscionable.

Charter operators are just in it for the kids.

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