Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Plutocrats And Their Functionaries Fete Bloomberg

The Clinton Foundation, which I believe does nothing other than raise awareness of the Clintons and give Bill Clinton a chance to troll the world for dates, held a function last night to give an award to Mayor Bloomberg:

NEW YORK—Appearing at the Clinton Global Initiative conference to present the Leadership in Public Service award to Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Vice President Biden took what he said was “a point of personal privilege” to praise the work of his “old buddy” on gun control.

Acknowledging their failure to get federal legislation passed despite their cooperative efforts, Biden said he remains confident of success. Change will eventually come, Biden said, and “when it comes, … it will be because Mike has sent it.”

“Your passion about reducing gun violence in this country is something that’s become contagious,” Biden said. “Mike knows that we only can bring sanity to this issue when we come together and demand it.”

Accepting the award, Bloomberg said that while Colorado voters earlier this month recalled two state senators who helped pass state gun control legislation, the “public has won” by getting that law on the books.

“Even though we have yet to get the bill passed, Joe’s not giving up the fight, and certainly, neither am I,” Bloomberg said.

But Biden wasn’t done heaping on the praise. “Genius perceives differences; talent, unity,” the vice president said, quoting William Butler Yeats. “That’s Mike.”

Biden cited Bloomberg’s work on sustainability, public health and city planning, calling him a leader that the city, the country and the world should be thankful for.

“I don’t know anyone in my career—and I’ve been hanging around a long time—who does more to create the future than you, Mike,” Biden said. 
Earlier in the day, Biden met with Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio, who’s running a campaign largely against Bloomberg’s legacy. Wednesday night, though, Biden said he wished there were a hundred Bloombergs—and if there were, “we’d be a hell of a lot further down the road in meeting the potential of this country.”

Looks like Biden's aiming for a post-administration job at the Bloomberg Philanthropy offices, doesn't it?

The reality is, Bloomberg's heavy-handedness over the gun control issue, his spending millions to push through legislation he wants, his spending millions more to back pols who do what he wants on this and other issues, often has backfired and harmed the cause of gun control.

Many people resent this plutocrat buying what laws and politicians across this country (just the way they resented his buying a third term here in NYC.)

As for the award ceremony, Biden's comments indicate everything you need to know about what is wrong with the Obama administration.

Too close to the plutocrats and always angling for post-administration corporate gigs.

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