Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Day, Another Negative NY Post Story On De Blasio

He's a commie pinko ticket-fixing, transcendental meditation-loving, document-shredding, cop-hating Marxist member of the Sandanista Party and New York City will be DESTROYED if he is elected mayor.

That's the message, day-in and day-out from the Posties.

Gee, they really sound threatened.

After 20 years of corporatist mayors, they seem to be worried that somebody might take power who doesn't automatically side with the plutocrats.

Now I dunno if that's going to be true or not.

I'm a bit cynical in my middle age, so I tend to think whatever a politician promises on the way, he/she must be held accountable for those promises once they're in.

And there are plenty of examples in de Blasio's past of his working with real estate or corporate interests and giving them what they want.

So I dunno exactly why the Posties and other corporatists in the city are so scared of a de Blasio as mayor.

Perhaps they are concerned because they think they will get a mayor in power who won't accommodate them 100% of the time.

After 20 years of always getting what they want from City Hall, that may scare them a bit.

But seriously, the hyperbole over this is a bit much.

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