Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cory Booker May Have A Senate Race On His Hands

DFER favorite-Cory Booker is supposed to win this New Jersey Senate race hands down.

But Quinnipiac finds the race has narrowed with a little more than six weeks to go before election day:

A new Quinnipiac poll in New Jersey finds Cory Booker (D) leading Steve Lonegan by 12 points in the U.S. Senate race among likely voters, 53% to 41%.

Said pollster Maurice Carroll: "Maybe that 'show horse vs. work horse' charge from Lonegan is having an impact. While we can't make a direct comparison between registered voters and likely voters, Booker did have a 54% to 29% registered voter lead over Lonegan in Quinnipiac's August 7 pre-primary survey."

Booker is still over 50% in the race, which means Lonegan has an uphill battle to win.

But there have been some negative stories about Booker out in the press lately, which could be contributing to some support going to Lonegan.

In the end, I think Booker still wins the race,

But it will be interesting to see if he wins in a double digit blowout or if Lonegan can close the gap even more and make it a real race.


  1. I know nothing about Lonegan, but despite that I think a strong argument can be made that a loss by Trojan Horse Democrat Booker, among the most insipid and disingenuous politicians to walk the face of the earth, would be a good thing.

    Democrats need to see that there's a price to be paid for their betrayals.

    1. I am definitely voting the Repub in this election. I will vote for the Dem against Christie, but will happily cast my first GOP vote EVER if it means voting against Cory Booker.

  2. I am still bewildered by NJ voters. They had 2 other strong contenders, unless that split the vote, to choose from. And, the ads I saw on TV for the other 2 were not that strong proving that Booker had most of the money. Even the NYTimes which stated the other 2 candidates were good legislatures still backed Mr. Twitter do to his "celebrity".

    We already know the Newark teachers vote for the worst thing, so it must be a pattern.

    1. Name recognition and money. That's it. I voted Rush Holt in the primary. I like him as a Congressman and liked him as a Senate candidate. Alas, few others thing the way I do...

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