Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Students United For Public Education Take On Teach For America

From The Nation:

On October 1, Students United for Public Education will be launching its first national campaign, Students Resisting Teach for America.

The goal is to raise awareness in prospective TFA corps members about the problems surrounding TFA; elevate the voices of students and TFA alumni whose stories are often overshadowed by TFA’s message; put pressure on TFA as an organization to change its ways; and, through this, resist the broader neoliberal movement in education.

What started as a nonprofit dedicated to solving teacher shortages has become a highly political organization that threatens to perpetuate inequalities in low-income communities both through its teaching model and its connection to the corporate education reform movement.
SUPE chapters and other college students across the country will be leafletting, holding teach-ins and panels and raising critical questions and consciousness about TFA to college students and campus communities. —Students United for Public Education

Good to see this.

The more groups out there that expose TFA for the harm it does to students, teachers and schools, the better.

Most people outside of education don't understand this about TFA.

There's too much propaganda around them in the media.

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