Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lhota Campaign Launches First Ad

Here's the ad:

And you can see the campaign pamphlet they've put out:

Here's what's inside:
In the mid-1970s, things were considerably rougher in the Big Apple—so much rougher that the Council for Public Safety (police, firefighters and other unions) had plenty of material to publish a scaremongering pamphlet called "Welcome to Fear City: A Survival Guide for Visitors to the City of New York."
If you had plans to visit NYC, you would probably swiftly abandon them after seeing this thing, which featured a skull on the cover. Just like the skull under your pretty face that would surely be slashed should you dare walk the streets after 6 p.m., or leave Midtown, or take the subway ever.
The tips inside included:
Stay off the streets after 6 p.m.
Do not walk — "If you must leave your hotel... summon a taxi by telephone."
Avoid public transportation — "You should never ride the subway for any reason whatsoever."
Remain in Manhattan — "If you remain in midtown areas and restrict your travel to daylight hours, emergency service personnel are best able to provide protection."
Protect your property
Safeguard your handbag
Conceal property in automobiles
Do not leave valuables in your hotel room, and do not deposit them in hotel vault Be aware of fire hazards
That's their strategy - vote for de Blasio, bring back the bad old days.

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