Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, September 27, 2013

Media Plutocrats Aim Daily At De Blasio, James

The Post has more negative stories about Bill de Blasio out today.

The Daily News has a negative editorial out about Tish James today.

Every day in the papers, the media plutocrats who own the Post, Daily News and Times - Bloomberg's fellow newspaper buddies and friends from his social circle - take aim at these two candidates for mayor and public advocate respectively with story after story meant to drive down their support and their approval ratings.

Even if the media plutocrats are not successful at helping their guys, Joe Lhota and Dan Squadron, win their respective races, the media plutocrats have another strategy in mind:

To undermine de Blasio and James with b.s. story after b.s. story so that, in the end, de Blasio won't be able to govern effectively as mayor and James won't be able to serve effectively as public advocate if they are each elected.

It's a cynical games these men play (and they are all men - rich, white, arrogant men, just like their pal, Bloomberg), a game they are playing for keeps.

We'll see in a few days when the next round of polls comes out in the mayor's race if their game is working against de Blasio.

I suspect that his numbers will be down a bit after the barrage he has taken in the press - particularly the Post.

And we'll see on Tuesday if it worked against James.

She has a lot of union support and the runoff for public advocate is expected to be a low turnout affair.

That may help her win despite the attacks.

Nonetheless, I predict that the media, along with the establishment in this city, will do to James what they did to John Liu this last cycle.

There will be some "scandal" that will effectively silence her, marginalize her, or worse, and put her out of commission.

That Liu's "scandal" - campaign finance fraud allegations over $7,000 donations - was small compared to, say, Bloomberg's campaign finance fraud bribing Independence Party officials three election cycles running with millions of dollars to put him on their ballot line, made no difference to the plutocrats and their functionaries.

Do what the rich, white men want or they will destroy you.

That is the message we learned from the Liu case.

The corollary to that:

Rich white men get to do whatever they want and nothing happens to them.

That's what we learned from watching Bloomberg bribe Independence Party officials with millions of dollars three election cycles running and manipulate term limits so that he could have his third (illegal) term.

The press will undermine de Blasio too, if he is elected and magnify every little issue, every little flaw.

They will seek to destroy him as soon as they can so that, even if he wanted to, he will not be able to undo Bloomberg's policies.

Meanwhile Bloomberg should be in jail with John Haggerty for what he pulled with his Independence Party bribes.

But he is feted in the media as a hero and a genius - the genius that saved New York.

Again, the message is - rich white men can do whatever they want but you had better do what the rich white men want or they will destroy you.

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