Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Come The UFT Takes A Hit For Backing Thompson, But Merryl Tisch Doesn't?

The UFT has been beaten up in the press for backing Bill Thompson for mayor.

Given how Michael Mulgrew bragged that the UFT doesn't "pick winners," they "make winners," and how the next mayor was going to have to go through 52 Broadway in order to reach City Hall, I can understand why he and the UFT leadership have been beaten up in the press for Thompson's loss.

But strangely enough, Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch, who also backed Thompson for mayor and co-chaired his campaign, has not taken any flack for her support of Thompson.

I know Mulgrew's hubris has brought about much of the criticism the UFT is getting over the failure to, once again, pick a winning mayoral candidate.

Ms. Tisch did not brag about making Thompson a winner, so perhaps that's why she's being cut some slack.

But if the UFT is, once again, one of the "political losers of the week" for backing a losing candidate, shouldn't Tisch, as Thompson's campaign co-chair, be one too?


  1. The press is not in the habit of bashing Tisch or corporate reformers. It would hurt their credibility when they write about the wonders of privatized education.

    1. I agree - just like pointing it out publicly. Kinda like how the DN, Times and Post all endorsed Quinn, and yet they take no hit for their failure either...