Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, September 27, 2013

Politicker: Here's How Many Times The NY Post Attacked Bill De Blasio This Week

Colin Campbell at Politicker has a partial rundown on how many attack articles and editorials the NY Post has run against Bill de Blasio this week.

It's a lot:

  • De Blasio asks for Wall Street donations
  • De Blasio ‘fixed’ pal’s water bill on council
  • So what does de Blasio believe now?
  • De Blasio suddenly scarce on campaign trail
  • De Blasio helped pal reduce $9,000 water bill
  • De Blasio’s favorite countries have dismal human-rights records
  • De Blasio’s bleary, dreary eyes of youth
  • De Blasio ignored Nicaragua anti-Semitism
  • The meaning of Bill de Blasio’s radical past
  • De Blasio’s ticket-fixing past
  • De Blasio’s warped world view should set off alarm bells
  • De Blasio among legislators who honored African tyrant
  • De Blasio vs. the 99 Percent
  • Obama to meet Sandinista-supporting de Blasio
  • Parents to rally against de Blasio’s charter school attacks
  • ACORN sowed seeds for de Blasio
  • Critics slam de Blasio’s trips to Cuba, Nicaragua
  • Getting to know Bill de Blasio … belatedly
  • Two New Yorks: 2013 v. 1990
  • De Blasio holds strong to Red Sox roots
  • Daughter proud of ‘badass’ de Blasio
  • De Blasio’s Cuban vision for New York City

  • And these aren't even all of the attack pieces they ran against him since Sunday.


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