Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Joe Lhota Says Bill De Blasio Wants To "Annihilate" Charter Schools

From the Wall Street Journal:

As for education, Mr. Lhota said one of the key differences between the two candidates is their stance on charter schools.

 “He’s trying to do everything almost to eradicate the charter schools. He wants them to pay rent. He doesn’t want them co-located,” Mr. Lhota said. “Those two items alone will annihilate the charter schools in the City of New York, and that’s absolutely the wrong direction to go in.”

Two things to say here:

First, making charter schools pay rent won't "annihilate" the sector.

It might make it a little more difficult for charter school operators like Eva Moskowitz to expand their franchises.

But it won't annihilate them.

Second, Bloomberg has done his best to "annihilate" traditional public schools, especially the large high schools.

How many have been destroyed since he took office?

Almost all of them, that's how many.

So if anybody is doing any "annihilation" around the public education, it's Mayor Bloomberg and the education reformers who ally with him.

But you know what might "annihilate" charter schools?

Making them play by the same rules as traditional public schools.

Making them take any student who applies.

Making them own their cohorts so that no matter how many students they try and dump or counsel out, those students remain in their stats until they age out.

Making them abide by the new teacher evaluation system with all the insanity it involves - the mandates, the extra testing, the data tracking, etc.

Because the charter operators don't do so well when they're playing on equal footing with the traditional public schools.

And why would they, given the 26 year old principals and 50% teacher attrition rates?

So Lhota can talk his charter school talking points all he wants.

De Blasio is not looking to annihilate charters by making them pay rent.

He's simply looking to make them pay for the space they have that they're taking away from the public schools.

Given the funding the charters get from the hedge fundies, they can afford it.

Eva can just hold another hedge fundie poker game and get Joel Klein to show up again.

I bet that could raise enough rent money for a while.


  1. I would like to commend you in pointing out how much of a free ride charter schools were given. I enjoy reading the articles on this blog and it is unfortunate how apathetic teachers are. We need teachers to sign the MORE petition on teacher evaluations. Please keep writing articles telling us your insight (which I agree 100%).

    1. Thank you for the kind words. And thanks for reminding me again of the MORE petition. I'll do another post on that later today.

  2. Agree with Anon 6:48

    Reality, I liken yourself as well as Arthur, Chaz, Raging Horse as well as the countless other bloggers to heroes in these times. You are a prolific blogger who I read everyday - EVERYDAY for news and your perspective. The truth I tell other rank and file members is rooted here on your blog as well as the others I read. I thank you very, very much!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I don't consider myself much of a hero - just a person sick of lies and manipulation from the politicians, the media and our corporate overlords.

  3. Well, I saw a charter school move into my school building and annihilate my former school. It didn't take long--my old school is no more and many of my colleagues and I are now ATRs. So, I won't be shedding any tears for the charters.

    1. Great point - charter co-locations are like cancerous growths that eventually kill the host school.

  4. Local corporate media start the de Blasio as Chavez scare campaign; churning out stories they curiously sat on until de Blasio won the primary:
    and the local Fox TV affiliate:
    (All the while, the above two reports skip mentioning that the de Blasio of 2013 has opened his pockets to donations from big real estate figures:

    Looks like the media are getting desperate over a populist that is addressing the giant income gap. The corporate media are tending to their true constituency, the Upper East Side millionaires.

  5. Reality: Charter schools are not going anywhere so our only option is to make are schools better... public and charter.
    If there is space in a public school to house a second school which there has been over the years... we have seen 2 and sometimes 3 coexisting public schools in one building so why are we so upset when it is a charter. We should be upset equally or more upset if our children are not being given the best education and resources possible. We caught up in the fight and lose focus on what is important... our children's education. We don't have another 1, 2 or 3 years. those are educational years you can't get back for your kid. period!
    Bloomberg has the right idea to help to assist them, but he was a bully that is one of the reasons it was not well received or discussed. OUR KIDS HAVE TO COME 1st. Half of the structural practices that Charter school engage in is frowned upon by public schools... WHY? Uniform, non tolerant approach to lateness, hitting, class interruptions just to name a few not to mention heavy parent participation with regard to the homework. When I mention some of these things to other parents from public schools they know in "general" public schools it is not a mandate but in Charter school depending on who is running the school those demands are mandated. which hold parents accountable. I come from that old school way of Parents and teachers were accountable. I would like to see these days come back.