Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, September 20, 2013

Using Mayor Bloomberg's Self-Congratulatory P.R. Reports For A Rabbit Cage

The Tweet of the Day:

I bet there's so much to these self-congratulatory reports from Bloomberg that you could use them to line a few horse stalls.

Can't wait for January, either.

And then there's this horse hockey from Randi Weingarten:

Yeah, if anybody should know about tone deafness, it's Randi Weingarten.

Hey, Randi, why don't you poll your members and see how they feel about you or your surrogate at the UFT, Mike Mulgrew?

I don't know who spews more crap - Bloomberg or Weingarten.


  1. After a certain point, which both reached years ago, does it matter who spews more crap? And yes, Ms. Weingarten, I am a UFT member.

    1. Doubtful that Weingarten or any other member of the shillery from the UFT/AFT leadership come by Perdido Street School.

      You should send her an email instead.

  2. Let me change the tweet...

    "it's shocking that Weingarten - who has done some great things for the school privatization movement across the nation, is so tone deaf to her own rank and file teachers."

    There, that's better.