Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bloomberg Propaganda-Meisters All Over The Internet

You see these Bloomberg shills, paid press whores like Howard Wolfson or Andrew Kirtzman, flacking their Bloomberg propaganda all over the place these days as the mayor's Reign of Error sunsets and Bloomberg's anxiety over his legacy heightens.

Here's a recent example from Kevin Sheekey, former deputy mayor and current Bloomberg LP executive (because there is always a gig for you in a BLOOMBERG enterprise if you are a loyal servant to Bloomberg the man):

Of course it's easy to debunk this jive Sheekey is spewing and somebody quickly does:

Expect the amount of pro-Bloomberg propaganda to increase exponentially as the end of the year nears.

Bloomberg has a ton of press shills and p.r. people on his payroll and tons more who are dying to get on that payroll as their own journalism jobs and outlets die.

Bloomberg is going to have his shills mount a Bloomberg Legacy propaganda-fest that will put Bush's Iraq war propaganda-fest to shame.


  1. I heard radio ads with Walcott praising the accomplishments under Bloomberg. So is the DoE paying for these ads because that money is better off being used to swell B's ego than going directly to the classrooms?

    1. Kinda like Cuomo using tax money to run I Love NY ads that splash is face allover the place and talk about how NY is BACK!

      Yeah, I bet they're using DOE money for this - probably going under community outreach or something like that.