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Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cuomo Says "It Ain't About The Money" When It Comes To Education

Cuomo in the WSJ:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday said the theory behind a new lawsuit seeking more money for New York schools was flawed because he said more money didn’t equal better academic results.

“We spend more than any other state in the country,” he said. “It ain’t about the money. It’s about how you spend it – and the results.”

Newsday reports on one set of results that sound pretty good:

New York placed seventh nationally in the percentage of public high school students succeeding on Advanced Placement exams in 2013, moving one step up compared with 2012, according to a College Board report released Tuesday.

Maryland was at the top, with 29.6 percent of students there who took the exams scoring a 3 or better, followed by Connecticut, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida and California. The top score on the tests is 5.

New York came in at 25.4 percent, above the 23.5 percent of 2012, when the state ranked eighth nationwide, the Manhattan-based College Board said.

Overall in New York, more high school students are succeeding on the exams than in 2003, with 44,909 scoring a 3 or better in 2013 compared with 29,479 in 2003 -- an increase of more than 50 percent.


New York's trends showed a nearly 5,500-student increase in the number of students from low-income households succeeding on the exam in the past decade -- from 3,635 in 2003 to 9,133 in 2013. More than twice the number of African-American and Hispanic students in New York succeeded on an AP exam in 2013 compared with a decade earlier. The number of Asian public high school students in New York earning more than a 3 on an AP test nearly doubled during that time.

But Cuomo always says New York ranks first in money spent on education,in the middle of the pack in results:

"For many years New York State spent seven, eight, nine, 10 percent more every year. Incredibly exorbitant, excessive amounts, and it was never enough. We spend more money per student than any state in the nation."

Despite that, he said, the state's schools are "decidedly in the middle of the country in terms of achievement and results."

"So it's not about more money gets us more results, because if that was the case our students would be doing better than any students in the country," he said.

When it comes to students taking AP exams, New York State is not "decidedly in the middle of the country in terms of achievement and results."

It's actually in the top 15% of states.

Between using the word "ain't," threatening people and screwing up with his percentages, it seems Governor Cuomo needs to go back to school and learn proper English, math and how to relate to people.

But Cuomo has a story to sell here, which is that NY schools suck, NY teachers suck, and the system needs his iron fist to make it suck less.

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  1. sure it is about the money... I do not think many people believe that...