Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shelly Silver, Cathy Nolan Call For At Least Two Year Delay On Common Core, Pause On InBloom

This is not going to make the functionaries at SED or Shelly Silver's pal, Merryl Tisch, happy at all:

State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and his education committee chief said Tuesday that high-stakes testing associated with the new Common Core curriculum should be delayed for two years -- at least.


In a statement, Silver and Education Committee Chairwoman Cathy Nolan (D-Queens) said while "New Yorkers share the same goal – to improve our schools and help prepare our students to be successful and college and career ready upon graduation," the process is moving too fast.

"The use of Common Core aligned tests for high-stakes decisions for teachers, principals and students should be delayed, at a minimum, for two years," they said, while the state Education Department works with local districts to develop a game plan.


Silver and Nolan also reiterated their concerns about the safety of giving an outside vendor access to student information, which could include not only grades and test scores, but data on disabilities and discipline.

No data should be handed over, they said, until questions are answered about protection against security breaches "as well as the highly inappropriate potential for commercialization."

Obviously just saying these things isn't going to bring about any change - King already told the Legislature they have no power over him or the Common Core implementation.

But passing legislation to bring about a delay of CCSS and a pause in inBloom will do the trick.

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