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Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Governor Cuomo Says There Should Be A Superhero Named After Him

Try not to take a sip of any liquid while reading this:

Super Mario, meet Super Andrew.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today suggested a new superhero based on his stint as governor, while taking a break from budget negotiations in Albany to announce a deal to film a new series based on the Marvel comics characters in New York.

“It just occurred to me as I was sitting here, there’s a sequel here … I can see it: Boy from Queens goes to Albany to fight the evil empire and bring justice to the people of the state,” joked Mr. Cuomo, who made the announcement at the Good Morning America studios in Times Square.

“It is a very, very big deal. It’s also very cool, especially for a guy like me who deals with what he deals with all day long. To be in the world of Superheroes is pretty cool,” he gushed.

The deal between Netflix and Marvel will bring the “flawed heroes of Hell’s Kitchen” characters to the popular online streaming service. The series, set to begin filming in September 2014, will include four live-action shows focused on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and will culminate in a mini series starring all four characters teaming like in “The Avengers,” said Bob Iger, the chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company.

The deal will drive $200 million in revenue to the state and create 400 full-time jobs–marking the largest film or television production commitment in New York State history, said Mr. Iger, who credited the deal to the state’s generous tax credit system, which gave away nearly $500 million last year.

Speaking to reporters after the announcement, Mr. Cuomo–who said that he already had a cape at the ready–eagerly repeated his pitch to the gathered crowd.

“I think that work, right? Boy from Queens. Think about it. Goes to Albany, fights the evil empire on behalf of the people of the state to bring justice back. In the end, the sun shines again,” he said.

Asked by Politicker to identify his superpower, he didn’t hesitate.

“Oh, superior intellect!” he said with a laugh, pointing to his head.

The fevered ego this man has to have to "joke" about this sort of thing, framing his "joke" with the story of the kid from Queens who fights the Big Bad Corrupt Criminal Class in Albany.

It's a joke all right.

As we have demonstrated again and again here at Perdido Street School, Cuomo is as corrupt as anybody else in Albany.

He takes millions from gambling consortia and expands gambling around the state.

He takes hundreds of thousands from real estate developers and they get tax breaks in return.

He takes nearly a million from the charter school industry and gives them their favored education reforms in return.

And he goes to Hollywood for campaign fundraisers and hands tax breaks back to the movie studios so that they actually get paid by taxpayers to make movies or TV shows here in the state.

If Albany needs a superhero to come in and clean up the corruption, Sheriff Andy sure the hell isn't it.

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