Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MSNBC "Cycle" Host: Andrew Cuomo No Liberal

Good to see this get out there into the country at large:

On MSNBC's "The Cycle" today, Governor Andrew Cuomo was criticized as the "main obstacle" to Bill de Blasio's plan to expand pre-kindergarten programs.

“You might think few would stand in de Blasio’s way," said Cycle co-host Ari Melber. "Is it the millionaires? The last Republican holdouts in the West Village? No … the main obstacle to de Blasio’s liberal plan is the biggest Democrat in New York: Andrew Cuomo."

Cuomo and de Blasio are currently at odds over how to fund expanded pre-K programs, with Cuomo promising to expand the program statewide using existing funds in the state budget, while de Blasio argues for the need fro an accompanying tax on the city's wealthiest earners to guarantee funding for the program.

Melber cast that as part of a pattern.

 "Cuomo has repeatedly proposed cut deals to benefit the wealthiest New Yorkers," he said, adding, "You may not have heard much about these deals, because Cuomo often positions himself as a liberal on social issues … Cuomo’s ploy of saying that he ‘supports’ pre-K without funding it won’t work if people pay attention here. … If you support things you won’t pay for, it doesn’t count.”

Cuomo must not be allowed to cast himself as a "liberal" when and if he begins his run for the White House in 2016.

As Melber noted, Cuomo has "repeatedly proposed cut deals to benefit the wealthiest New Yorkers."

There's nothing "liberal" about those proposals, those tax cuts, those policies.


  1. Don't forget the most anti-progressive piece of legislation. Cuomo's APPR is only designed to fire teachers.

  2. As I have commented before, Cuomo should switch parties and run as a Republican. There is much more money in it for him to connect directly with the Plutocratic class and make opportunistic "under the table" deals, while he throw the 99% under the bus and then receives quid pro quo considerations, payments, etc. for his pimping of student data, gambling casino development, real estate development, tax breaks for the plutocrats......