Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Daily News: ATR's May Be Returned To Classrooms

The Daily News that reports teachers who are ATR's may be placed back into classrooms under a plan by NYCDOE Chancellor Farina:

A pool of teachers whom principals don’t want to hire may be headed back into the classroom, the Daily News has learned.

City Schools Chancellor Carmen FariƱa has had internal discussions with her staff about placing most of the 1,200 educators in full-time teaching jobs even though about half have disciplinary histories or unsatisfactory ratings, sources said.

The move would be a sharp reversal of a policy instituted under Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2005 to have the teachers rotate as subs instead of foisting them on principals who didn’t want them.

But moving the teachers back into classrooms would save the city an estimated $100 million a year — money that could be allocated elsewhere.

The unassigned teachers lost their full-time jobs for a variety of reasons — 25% committed wrongdoing, 25% received an “unsatisfactory” rating, 40% worked in schools that closed or downsized and 10% teach subjects that are no longer offered in schools.

Awful framing of the issue from the Daily News - it's never mentioned that many of these teachers cannot get hired because of their salaries (i.e, no principal wants to take on an ATR high up on the pay scale) or that some of those "unsatisfactory" ratings are bogus (i.e., administrator gave "u"rating to get rid of teacher for reasons other than job performance.)

Still, it's good news if it's true that many ATR's will be placed back into classrooms.

These teachers should be working in classrooms full-time, not shuffled around their districts as substitutes.


  1. But there's no mention of guidance counselors and social workers that are rotating, too.

    1. I would think that those positions would be included too. The article was a slam job on ATR's. The framing was like: Criminal teachers to be put back into classrooms! I think that was the point the DN was trying to make here, so take the whole thing with a grain of salt.

    2. It was beyond horrific how they debased and defamed our ATR colleagues in the DN. The deformers are working over-time at the DN to make sure that the defamation of the ATRs are publicized. That's why I stopped reading the Daily News of Gotham Garbage.

  2. As an ATR guidance counselor I thank you for realizing and writing about the SLAm job the DN ( Daily Nothing good ) had to say about ATR's . I have never received an unsatisfactory rating.