Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poor Eva

Love the frame from the NY Post on this story - De Blasio starts his war on charter schools:

The de Blasio administration is blocking the opening or expansion of three Success Academy charter schools run by Eva Moskowitz.

The charter schools received approval last year from former Mayor Mike Bloomberg to operate rent-free in existing city buildings starting in the fall.

But at de Blasio’s behest, the Department of Education conducted a review and rolled back the “co-locations” in buildings that also house traditional public schools.

The actions block a new Success Academy elementary charter from opening at the August Martin HS complex in Jamiaca, Queens.

It was to open there with 200 kindergarten and first graders in the fall and eventually serve 500 students grades K to 4.

The administration’s decision also prevents another Success charter K-4 elementary school from opening at Murry Bergtraum HS near City Hall.

Also, fifth and sixth grade Success Academy students will no longer be able to attend middle school classes at the PS 149/Sojourner Truth building on West 118th Street.

The students were expected to come from two other schools, Success Academy 4 elementary school and Harlem Central Middle School.

The de Blasio administration also told a fourth charter school, American Dream Charter School, that it would be getting less space inside The Bronx’s PS 30, which could force it to reduce enrollment by 25 percent.

Three Success Academies canceled, others given the go-ahead.

Some war on charters.

If de Blasio were really waging war against charters, he would have canceled all 10 Eva schools.

But he didn't do that - he simply canceled the most egregious co-locations:

The chancellor’s office provided alternative sites — “better matches” for three of the six affected public schools.

After bumping the Success Academy elementary charter from the Murry Bergtraum site, the administration set aside the space for two new high schools.

“We do not believe new elementary schools should be opened on high school campuses,” Department of Education spokesman Devon Pugia said in explaining some of the rollbacks, including two of the Success Academy charter schools.

DOE officials defended the decisions, saying they followed a painstaking, objective and thoughtful process.

Eva isn't used to be told "No," so she's upset about this news and has got a whole bunch of Success parents out there on the news tonight giving statements about how they feel betrayed by de Blasio.

But quite frankly, de Blasio is simply following through on his campaign promises and in the end, Eva still gets to open a lot of new charter schools next year.

Not exactly a war on charters, no matter how the Post or Eva want to frame it like it is.


  1. Eve, (Evil) is so used to getting her way, that this will seem like the end of the world to her. Now that she does not have Daddy Bloombucks to stoke her mane she is crapping bricks and I love it!

  2. Might need a few more rooms for sorry Eva--no more free ride. Cry me a river.