Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Common Core State Standards Themselves Are Flawed

A commenter in at the Times Union:

What both the Regents and Cuomo have a blind eye to is that the standards themselves are flawed. Until they accept this fact, the parents will never rest. They are the ones who have to directly deal with the abuse of their children being foisted under the guise of reform. Neither of them stops this. A delay of testing repercussions is a panacea to the unions, a feeble attempt to divide and conquer opposition to the CCLS.

The delay might have been an attempt at placating the teachers union, but it didn't work with the current NYSUT leadership:

ALBANY, N.Y. Feb. 10, 2014 – New York State United Teachers said a Regents' task force that worked to fix the failed implementation of the Common Core acknowledged problems, but only skimmed the surface of the significant course corrections parents and educators have been seeking.

"Instead of listening to parents and educators who are grappling with the fallout from the State Education Department's disastrous implementation, the task force dismissed their concerns with a report that, in the end, adds up to a 'we know best' collection of minor adjustments," said NYSUT President Richard C. Iannuzzi, who noted - contrary to a comment by the governor - that the Regents did not pause or delay anything that is not already in law.

The union leadership has yet to come around to the problems with the Common Core themselves, but many of their members certainly have, as have many parents.

In the end, the changes the Regents announced yesterday won't end the protests coming from parents and teachers over the Common Core, the testing, the evaluation system, etc.

And that's because the core of all of these reforms - the Common Core State (sic) Standards - are themselves flawed.


  1. In their greedy rush to implement the Standards, the so-called reformers doomed their effort by making them so developmentally inappropriate.

    This is especially the case with the Standards in the early childhood grades, precisely when parents are most active and engaged in their children's education.

    Yet more proof that, while these people may have a high-status education, they are inhumane fools.

    1. Yeah, they got greedy and arrogant and thought they had the deal done. But they're discovering there's a difference between urban school reform and state-wide - namely parents in Scarsdale, Great Neck, etc.