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Perdido 03

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some Reaction To Cuomo's Common Core Panel

Here are some comments left at the Capital Confidential reporting Cuomo's Common Core panel announcement:

Once again the Bully of New York fails to include the real experts in the field. Educators have been saying all along what is best for student achievement but it has fallen upont deaf ears. Sorry knuckle dragger but educators are not the blame here. Education policy has been and is set by the Regents and the Education Commisioners. These are ALL political appointees and donors. Educators are rule followers, The only reason there could be an person in the classroom that should not be there, is poor management ( the Administrator who is in charge of evaluations).


Another PANEL to STUDY the issue!!!! The make up of the panel is a joke. I’m surprised it doesn’t include a rep from Pearson. Our kids have taken enough. GOVERNOR CUOMO – what don’t you understand?? Enough is enough. DELAY, or better yet, ELIMINATE the Common Core now. For once our senate and assembly leaders have displayed some common sense on the common core. Can’t our governor follow their lead?????


So much for separation of powers. If NYS is so broke, why does Governor Andrew Cuomo appoint so many panels and hire so many consultants.


Another panel that will examine the facts and report out exactly what they are told to report. King Kuomo owns this – he pushed hard to roll out Common Core and then backed away – now it’s yet another panel that will…surprisingly recommend whatever King Kuomo tells it to.


Wow–the Governor put three people with backgrounds in public education on this Commission. It must be an election year. His last Commission on education reported back to him the recommendations he wanted so he could propose them as his ideas–but they kicked the can down the road on the most important issue (the equitable funding of schools). It is obscene that NY state schools with virtually no students from impoverished families spend almost $3,000 more per pupil than districts that have very high poverty rates–but that is how the Governor and the Long Island Republicans want things. What does that equate to–visualize walking through two buildings one with high rates of poverty–and one with kids from prosperous families–then remind yourself that the kids in each classroom you pass in the wealthy school have $60,000 more support than the kids in buildings with high concentrations of poverty. Cuomo fights to maintain this inequity. NY citizens should be outraged!

Stop fighting it, people. Corporations know what’s best for our children.


Who is the Governor kidding ? Yet another “Panel” of experts. What we need is local control over local schools, NYSED has been and continues to be a huge waste of taxpayer money. When will people stand up for their children and let the Governor know that they are sick of his double triple blah blah blah. The Governor like to hear himself bloviate on the issue du jour and not make any decisions. Fracking was less than a month away three years ago.  Vote the rascal out.

There was one comment in support:

The alternative to Common Core is to persist in the past…continue to produce high school graduates who are *not* ready for college. Over half of college students drop out. Even the SUNY Chancellor has weighed in that Common Core needs to persist. Growth without some pain is unrealistic. Improve or continue to further lag behind other countries. The USA is ranked in the 14th through 36th in the world in terms of high school education. It would be crazy to think that is acceptable. What is your alternative to Common Core? None!

As I wrote last night, the panel is almost completely stacked with Common Core State Standards proponents, so the chances of any meaningful reform of the state's education reform agenda coming out of this panel is nil.

Many of the commenters made the same point at Capital Confidential - the panel was rigged to recommend exactly what Cuomo wants it to recommend - continued implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

They may suggest a slower timeline in that implementation, they may propose a slight delay in the use of high stakes with the CCSS tests.

But in the end, they will reaffirm the wonders of the Common Core and tell us that the only way New York State children will grow up to be "competitive" in a "global marketplace" is under the "rigor" of the Common Core State Standards and the attendant testing that comes with it. 


  1. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)February 8, 2014 at 11:31 AM

    No one is really surprised by any of this, are they? And that includes WeinGrew's statement.

    1. Nope, not surprised. Just documenting the rigging so the "findings" of the panel can be disputed.