Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To Go Or Not To Go?

The National Weather Service raised the forecast of snow totals to 8-12 inches for the city late this afternoon, but those totals are supposed to come in two waves - heavy overnight snow that leaves 4-8 inches in the city, then turning over to rain (or even a dry slot for a while), then back to snow again in the evening for another 4 inches or so.

When I heard the 8-12 inches forecast, I figured even the NYCDOE would have to close schools for a snow day.

But now that I hear the totals are broken up in two waves, I think there is a pretty good chance there will be school tomorrow.

Few students will be there, of course, and nothing much will get done - but babysitting services will be open nonetheless.

I have a fairly straightforward commute, so I expect barring a total meltdown on the PATH, I'll be in work.

How about the rest of you out there - especially those of you who drive.

If there's school tomorrow, will you be heading in?


  1. everyone needs to take the day.. sick day... if they do not cancel on this day.. that is ridiculous. Even the students at NYC Educator's HS were asking the Mayor if they are going to school on Thursday.

    (his most recent blog)

  2. Schools will be open for sure. Just another day in the life of NYC teachers who give everything for a city government that would not give two sh*ts for them if given the chance.