Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Are The Chances Of A Snow Day?

It is sounding like it is going to be a mess tomorrow - 6-10 inches of snow, starting around midnight and continuing heavily through the rush hour, then transitioning into sleet for the afternoon before turning back to snow in the evening.

The timing of this leads me to believe that there is a chance even NYC schools will be closed tomorrow.

Of course every other school in the region other than Eva Moskowitz's charter school factories will be closed tomorrow.

But that never guarantees NYC schools are closed, does it?

Of course the models can still change before all is said and done.

They have shifted a bit since the storm first showed up a few days ago, with the tracking moving first east (meaning more snow for the city), then west (meaning more rain after the changeover.)

Also there was apparently some warming of the models, particularly the Euro, that had people thinking there would be less snow and more rain overall.

But as of 7:30 AM, the news stations are calling for 6-10 inches of snow coming down in between an afternoon of sleet and rain that will definitely make tomorrow not such a great day to be out on the roads.

So, what do you think out there?

Will we have another one of those days where the governor calls a state of emergency and tells people to stay off the roads, the mayor tells people to stay home if possible because travel is so hazardous, but NYC school are opened anyway?

Or will there be a snow day tomorrow (called, as usual, at the break of dawn)?


  1. Tomorrow is a sick day use if I ever saw one.

  2. If at all possible, the World's Largest Babysitting Agency will be open for business tomorrow.

  3. We're emergency workers and that "neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow" saying has to get revised to includes NYC teachers.
    Watch for announcements that it's a state of emergency and admonishments that EVERYONE stay home & by the way, NYC schools will be open, with no delay.