Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ever Notice How All The Stats Are The "Best Ever" Under Bloomberg?

Howard Wolfson responds to criticism of the police shooting two innocent bystanders in Times Square on Saturday with this:

Highest test scores under Bloomberg - until they were exposed as inflated.

Sky-rocketing graduation rates - except the numbers are inflated by credit recovery programs that give semester credits for tasks like watching movies.

Best crime stats ever - except there is ample evidence the police are manipulating the stats.

Quickest emergency response time ever - except they don't count the time callers spend on the line with 911 operators, thus making the stats look better than they are.

News stories abound of NYPD cops shooting lots of people in the last calendar year - but Wolfson says the approximately 70 police shootings will be "the lowest since records were kept."

So many of the statistics and so much of the data that Bloomberg and his minions hawk to prove Bloomberg is the bestest thing ever are phonied up.

I have a difficult time believing anything Wolfson says in general, but especially when he uses phrases like "the lowest since records were kept."

Too much manipulation and out-and-out fraud perpetrated by this administration (though often ignored by the corporate media) to believe these stats.

Sorry - not every stat in NYC can be the "lowest ever" or the "best ever," the way Bloomberg and his hired henchmen claim.


  1. What I notice is when scores go up, it's great. When they're proven inflated and static, that's also great. And when they introduce new tests and scores plummet, that's great too.

    So I guess when you're Wolfson, you just can't lose.

    1. Always a winner if you're Bloomberg or one of his minions. It's everybody else who loses.

    2. And the pit is that NYC HS diplomas have come to mean a lot less. Surely, college admission staff have caught wind of the credit recovery program and just-pass-everyone policies under Bloomberg/mayoral control.

  2. Great points, as always.
    Don't forget that another factor in time for getting emergency-stricken patients to hospitals is that maybe a dozen hospitals have closed in the last 15 years, particularly under Bloomberg/Quinn.