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Perdido 03

Friday, August 30, 2013

Bill Thompson Gets Desperate

This really smacks of desperation:

It’s better to tell the truth than to blie.

Thus argued Bill Thompson’s mayoral campaign this afternoon as they pushed forward with what they clearly feel is a winning issue against front-runner Bill de Blasio: undisclosed meeting with lobbyists.

Mr. Thompson’s camp hit Mr. de Blasio on the issue yesterday, but came back today armed with a new website––to make their case.

Users who visit the site are offered the hypothetical opportunity to request a lobbyist meeting with Mr. de Blasio, whereupon they are told: “SHHH. NOBODY EVER HAS TO KNOW!”

The relatively awkward “Bill de Bliar” moniker caught much attention on Twitter, with jokesters inserting the letter “b” in front of random words. So Politicker asked the Thompson team why they’d chosen that particular refrain. Thompson spokesman John Collins explained that they’ve been calling Mr. de Blasio a “liar” a lot recently–including in campaign commercials–so it fit.

“This is just part of a troubling pattern of Bill de Blasio doing one thing and doing another. That’s called a lie. Bill de Bliar,” he summed up his response during a conference call organize by their campaign.

“It sounds to me like it names itself,” chimed in Councilman Lew Fidler, an aggressive Thompson surrogate.


Reached for a response, de Blasio spokesman Dan Levitan shot back that the website “is a desperate and silly attack from a campaign with no ideas and no vision for how to break from the Bloomberg years.”

“They do get points for chutzpah though,” Mr. Levitan added, “since Bill Thompson worked as a Wall Street lobbyist as recently as this year.”

Bill de Bliar - that's the best the campaign can do to stop de Blasio's momentum.

Of course the Thompson campaign is being mocked for this lame attempt at hitting out at de Blasio.

And they SHOULD be mocked.

If this is where they're at with 11 days to go in the campaign and de Blasio starting to look like he's running away with the whole thing, they're in trouble.

This is not the actions of a campaign that knows what the hell it is doing.


  1. Where does Bill Thompson stand on stop and frisk?
    Is his position still a work in progress, now to be twisted as he starts to sink in the polls?

    What is Bill Thompsom's vision for the development of NY city?

    Has Bill Thompson been a model of consistency?

    Who are Bill Thompson's supporters? Randi Weingarten, Al D'A mato, Merryl Tisch?

    How can Bill Thompson legitimately claim to represent the working poor and middle class New Yorker's while he is such an obvious stooge for the Plutocracy?

    If there are any Bill Thompson supporters reading this comment, please defend your candidate!

  2. That's juvenile and reprehensible.

    1. Check out the Times tonight on Thompson's campaign donation habits:

  3. Anonymous, Michael Mulgrew and gang do not read Perdido Street School blog.