Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bloomberg Plans To Lease NYCHA Land To Private Developers To Get Money For "Repairs" In The Projects

In between his rants about stop-and-frisk and his belief that all NYCHA people should be fingerprinted, the mayor said he's going forward with NYCHA privatization plans:

During his radio show today, Mr. Bloomberg also announced this morning that the city plans to move forward today with a controversial plan to open NYCHA land for private housing development to raise extra money for repairs.

“We have to come up with some revenue-generating mechanism,” he said. “Either we walk away from our public housing, or we find some ways to make it better … We don’t have a printing press. We’ve gotta find some rational ways to do it.”

He wants a rational way to raise money to fix NYCHA buildings?

How about the old-fashioned way - raise taxes on billionaires and use the money to fix NYCHA buildings and the rest of the city infrastructure that's falling apart.

But oh no, can't do that - raising taxes on billionaires is unthinkable to our billionaire mayor, so instead he is going forward with a "revenue-generating" plan to lease some NYCHA land to private developers in order to "repair" NYCHA buildings on other parcels of land.

And of course the NYCHA land Bloomberg will eventually try to open to real estate developers will be in parts of the city where real estate values are high and land is tight.

Like the Lower East Side.
Maybe Williamsburg.

Maybe near Lincoln Center.

Oh, yeah, you can see the real estate developers licking their lips at these parcels of land opening up to development - and the eventuality that all NYCHA land will be open to them.

Classic Shock Doctrine stuff - Bloomberg's not missing a trick to privatize as much as he can on his way out the door to Bermuda.

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