Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Howard Dean On What De Blasio's Candidacy Means

There aren't too many Democrats I like or respect these days, but Howard Dean is one.

Here is what Dean did today:

Top Bloomberg aide Howard Wolfson went on NY1 last night and criticized Bill de Blasio's mayoral platform, arguing that the public advocate was inconsistent on term limits and would bring New York City back to the high-crime era of the 1970s. 

This morning, de Blasio appeared with 2004 presidential candidate and former national Democratic chairman Howard Dean at a subway stop at 72nd Street and Broadway.

"Howard does a great job of providing spin for Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn," de Blasio said. Asked if the concerted attacks on him meant he was the front-runner, de Blasio laughed and turned to Dean.

"When you have one of the greatest spinmeisters in the American political scene attacking Bill de Blasio, that's a pretty good indication he has a good chance of being the next mayor," said Dean.
"Well said," said de Blasio.

I asked Dean what de Blasio's campaign meant nationally for progressive Democrats.

He said, "Bill is not some starry-eyed progressive who thinks money grows on trees. He knows that you have to balance budgets. He knows that you have to make tough decisions. But he has a different vision of the world."

He added, "I think Bill would be a great leader to have New York re-put its stamp on the rest of the world."

Let's see - Howard Wolfson, Bloomberg's slimy attack dog, hammering de Blasio on NY 1, Howard Dean defending de Blasio at 72nd Street.

Gee, which Howard do I listen to?

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