Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Will De Blasio Still Have Momentum In Today's Quinnipiac Poll Release?

Harry Enten says little leaks here and there about the Quinnipiac poll release today suggest de Blasio will still have momentum in those poll numbers.

Then there is this:

Couple of things to say here in the hour and a half or so before the poll is released.

First, the establishment has been going very hard and very heavy at de Blasio this last week.

Weingarten, Wolfson, now Bloomberg - all attacking de Blasio publicly.

All three newspaper editorial boards endorsed Quinn and swatted de Blasio down as unacceptable.

I was wondering why the attacks were getting so hard and heavy from Bloomberg and his minions either directly on his payroll (like Wolfson) or simply allied with him (Zuckerman, Murdoch.)

We may get that answer with the Q poll.

We'll see.

But even if de Blasio shows big momentum in this Quinnipac poll, remember there are still 13 days to go and anything can happen in that time frame.

Plus poll numbers are just that - poll numbers.

I remember when John Kerry was elected president at 4 PM on Election Day in 2004 based on exit polling.

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