Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Randi Weingarten Grabs Microphone From 9 Year Old So She Can Speak

Asean Johnson, a 9 year old boy, was reading a speech about attacks on public education at yesterday's 50th anniversary March on Washington commemoration.

Before Asean could finish his speech, AFT President Randi Weingarten grabbed the microphone from him so she could do what she does best - put the spotlight back on her and talk.

See for yourself:

There was a strict time limit on speakers yesterday, so Weingarten can claim she was just telling Asean he was out of time and she had to move on.

Plus this first got reported by Michelle Malkin's blog, Twitchy, so Randi and company are claiming that it's just an anti-union attack by wingnuts.

But you know what?

Let the kid finish.


He is 9 years old and it was a good speech.

Also, Weingarten sure spoke for a long time after she grabbed the microphone from Asean and left him standing there next to her.

This is classic AFT/UFT leadership behavior.

Give people a strict 2 minute time limit to talk, then grab the microphone from whomever is speaking and silence them.

Happens every DA.

Randi can claim this is a misunderstanding all she wants.

The fact is, it plays into her reputation.

She says it's about the kids, she says it's about the membership, but it's always about her.

This video is the perfect emblem for Weingarten and the UFT/AFT leadership.


  1. Got to go back to my Brooklyn vernacular for this one - "Wow! What the F neighborhood did she grow up in that she won't even let the kid F-ing talk! Who the F raised her!"
    And you're correct about the DA meetings - spot on. Too bad 90 percent of the rank and file haven't a clue to how Unity runs things. Heck, I bet half the rank and file don't even know Unity is the name of the caucus that runs the UFT. Hope you have a great start this September - the only thing that makes me feel any good about it is that I'm in the same boat as you and countless others who know the truth about both the system we work for and the union that is supposed to lead us - sarcastic emphasis on "lead." Be well.

    1. It's true most rank and file have no idea how authoritarian and corrupt the union is. They'll get a better glimpse in the next few years as the "i" ratings ratchet up and the UFT does nothing to save people from the fire.