Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maybe The Elites Should Get Out Of The House More

Harry Enten links to the Politicker article covering the Anybody But Quinn rally yesterday and says:

Farrell McManus responded with this:

That's exactly right.

Bloomberg and his corporatist backers thought they could overturn the will of the people by putting the fix in for Bloomberg's third term.

They bought Quinn off and she got Mike Bloomberg his third term.

But people haven't forgotten or forgiven her for helping Bloomberg to his third (illegal) term.

Even in '09, with $120 million to drop on the campaign and an opponent who was either too inept or too corrupt to mount a decent challenge to Bloomberg,  the Mayor of Money still only won by five percentage points.

That's how little loved Mike Bloomberg was.

Come 2013, two thirds of city voters are saying the city must go in a different direction from Bloomberg's policies.

Quinn, the person who engineered four more years of Bloomberg's policies, is going to have hard time winning those people over.

In fact, she'll never win them over.

This morning I posted that the Quinn campaign, in its arrogance, didn't think having a dedicated cadre of protesters who follow Quinn around the city was such a big deal.

But in point of fact, that kind of thing is symbolic of how many people in this city feel about Christine Quinn.

Remember, among the mayoral candidates, only Weiner has higher negative numbers than Quinn.

Remember, Quinn is the only mayoral candidate who has to embargo her daily schedule to try and keep her dedicated cadre of protesters from finding her.

These are not the kinds of problems that successful mayoral candidates deal with in the course of campaign.

They are the kinds of problems that indicate fatal flaws in a candidate and a campaign.

Perhaps if the elite media got off the cocktail circuit a little more and talked to some ordinary folks, they'd now this kind of thing.

But the truth is, the elite media in this city despise ordinary people almost as much as Mike Bloomberg does.

They see us as sheep to be led, lemmings to be manipulated.

This time around, they were wrong.

That's why Christine Quinn is about to follow Gifford Miller into private life.

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