Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

John King Thinks New York Has "Very High-Quality Common Core Assessments"

Yeah, he really does.

He said so when he was asked by Gotham Schools if New York would be moving to the PARCC consortium assessments any time soon:

“I suspect that we will perhaps move more slowly than some other states since we know that we have in place very high-quality Common Core assessments,” King said.

Let's see, what were the complaints about those state tests last April?

(NOTE: I refuse to use the "assessment" euphemism all these reformers sling around to fool people into thinking these things are something other than what they are - "standardized tests")

Oh, yeah - I remember what those complaints were now:

Not enough time for students to complete the tasks.

Badly written questions meant to confuse students.

The use of trademarked products in the ELA exam readings for no apparent reason other than to advertise for the trademarked products. 

Using questions similar to ones on the 10th grade tests on the 8th grade tests, but not making sure students have prepared for, or indeed, even seen the new material.

Basically all Commissioner John King and his merry men and women in reform did to their "very high-quality Common Core assessments" was increase the difficulty of the questions on the tests, increase the quantity of the questions on the tests, and decrease the time allotted for students to complete the tests.

Kings call these "very high-quality Common Core assessments."

Many students, parents and teachers around the state beg to differ.

When the individual grades for students are available in two weeks, NYSED Commissioner John King is going to hear from students and parents what they think of his "very high-quality Common Core assessments."

I bet Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch is going to get some feedback then too.

As will elected officials around the state.

Let's see what Tisch and King think of their "very high-quality Common Core assessments" after a  outraged parents contact their elected officials and demand something be done about the testing regime.

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