Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, August 23, 2013

Where Was Merryl Tisch During The Bloomberg Years?

The Daily News today:

The next mayor can expect city students’ test scores to rise, a top state education official predicted Thursday, while also cautioning they shouldn’t be the sole indicator of whether education reforms are working.

Tisch noted scores inevitably rise as schools get familiar with a new exam.

She also urged the public to evaluate the city’s education policies on other criteria — including teachers’ success at communicating with parents and the administration’s record at keeping neighborhood schools open.

Oh, thanks for clarifying what a successful mayoral stewardship of the school system looks like - it's not based solely on test scores, it's not about how many schools you close, and it's not how often you ignore parent and community input in policy decisions.

Of course in the Bloomberg years, he measured success by test scores, school closures and how often he carried out policy while ignoring parent and community input.

It would have been nice if you had gone on record then to let the mayor know he wasn't a successful steward of the school system.

But then, that would have made for awkward moments at the theater and the living room salons where you see Dear Mikey, wouldn't it?

So you kept quiet and only now issue your decree on what a successful mayor stewardship looks like after Bloomberg spent 12 years destroying the system.

At any rate, thanks for clarifying all of this so many years after the fact.

It's like warning about a fire hazard 12 years after the fire burnt the joint down.

Very helpful.


  1. "Test scores aren't the sole indicator of academic success"...yeah, right-but test results ARE only when evaluating teachers. If you,don't get "the data" you can't be successful. Makes perfect sense, eh?

    1. Good point - test scores aren't the sole indicator of success in education, unless you're a teacher and get dinged on the test score component in APPR.

      I should have mentioned that in my post.

  2. ..."she speaks with forked tongue"...I wonder why...

    1. Because she's full of crap. It's a shame nobody ever tells these people right to their faces, "Hey, Merryl, you're saying test scores are not the be-all and end-all of school reform, but you've set it up so that the test scores component is 100% of a teacher's evaluation if they come up 'ineffective' on it. Why are you so full of crap?"