Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bloomberg's "Legacy" In Tatters

In the past two weeks, Michael Bloomberg has seen his education legacy and his crime fighting legacy implode before his very eyes.

On Wednesday, the state released test score data that exposes Bloomberg's test-based education reform program as a failure.

Today a judge declared his stop-and-frisk policy unconstitutional.

These are huge blows to Bloomberg's ego and Bloomberg's so-called legacy.

Even Bloomberg shills like Bill Keller will have a hard time selling Bloomberg's legacy when two of his main policies - test-based education reform and stop-and-frisk policing - have been shot down.

Bloomberg is set to give a 1 PM press conference about the stop-and-frisk case.

That should be a fun press conference to watch.


  1. It's too early to gloat, but the timing of these is great, i.e., while he is still in office. I continue to believe that he will get his Robert Caro-type biography one day; I don't think such a revisionist history will be kind.

    Funny story: Bloomberg was glad-handing at the Forest Hills subway station one morning when campaigning for the third term. The short time I was walking to the station, I saw nobody stop; in fact, people were stepping well around him. The spectacle of a billionaire standing there, hands folded in front of him, looking quite forlorn, made my morning.

    1. This has not been a good week for him, that is sure. First the test scores, now the stop and frisk ruling. And you're right, it is good to see all of this happen while he is still in office.

      I'm still dubious about the Caro bio. Bloomberg owns the media and he will almost certainly have a few people on payroll write glowing accounts of his time in office.