Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Anti-Weiner

With Anthony Weiner's favorability rating in the toilet, the media have gotten around to asking who is going to replace him as Quinn's opponent in the runoff.

Bloomberg shill Bill Keller wants it to be Bill Thompson.

Michael McLaughlin at Huffington Post thinks it could be Bill de Blasio.

We are now a month away from Primary Day.

The candidates have gone up with their ads, people are starting to pay attention to the campaign, and with a 75% unfavorable rating in the city, it looks like people are finally fed up with Anthony Weiner and his rolling thunder circus of clowns, sex freaks and foul-mouthed p.r. people.

So, which candidate gets to face Quinnin the runoff?


De Blasio?

What do you think?


  1. just heard the mayors comments regarding his loss over stop and frisk. He claims the judge is wrong and the city is appealing. Here's the kicker, he will have the NYPD continue even though the Federal Judge rules the policy violates the 4th and 14 amendments. SOOOOO, lets have an on line picture of Bloomberg's head super imposed on the body of Bull Connor. This billionaire creep is wrong on the issue, wrong on the history, and wrong on the facts on so many of his policies. Will Eric Holder enforce the judges ruling in NYC???

    1. He was clearly angry that his policy would be challenged. If they continue the policy as is while the city appeals, he should be cited for contempt. But I doubt that will happen.