Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 8, 2015

Common Core To Cost John Flanagan Senate Majority Leader Position?

Finally we may see a politican pay a political price for backing Common Core:

“Monday could be D-Day for Dean,” said one Republican senator, who noted that pressure is increasing from constituents and advocacy groups.

“It is clear the votes are not there and that he has lost confidence with the conference — that’s clear,” said another Republican close to Skelos. “It’s just a matter of time for him to accept it and take the next step.”


The Republican close to Skelos said he believed it is a “done deal” for DeFrancisco to take over as leader, after some quiet campaigning by candidates for the job, although others said the debate was ongoing. The Republican said Flanagan, the Senate Education Committee chairman, was seen as too deeply connected to the Common Core effort that has enraged some parents and teachers statewide. Others said some members feel “it’s upstate’s turn” to hold the office.

It's not only his support for the Common Core that is likely to do Flanagan in for the majority leader position.

His support of Cuomo's SAFE ACT is the other nail:

Gun rights advocates have been urging their local senators to support DeFrancisco, citing his opposition to the SAFE Act, on which Flanagan – along with Skelos – voted “yes.”

It will be interesting to see the effects on education policy if Flanagan doesn't get the majority leader position in part because of his support for Common Core.

I keep writing that until politicians are made to pay a political price for their support of and water-carrying for Common Core, we'll not get much in the way of substantive policy changes.

Well, it's possible we're about to see a politican - one John Flanagan, happy Common Core warrior - pay a political price for that support.


  1. I wonder what the implication of a leadership change would be for mayoral control. DeBlasio is off touring the midwest and we don't hear anything about a debate so it seems like a deal is done already. Something like renewal of mayoral control in exchange for more charter schools and money for them. That may be one reason the downstate GOP is clinging to Skelos. He would have made the deal and it would represent some significant benefit to his caucus. Campaign donations from charter backers, etc.

    But with an upstate guy running things, he might look at it differently

  2. As far as I am concerned, John Flanagan is nothing more today than an opportunist. Once upon a time, Flanagan was a good guy who walking in his father's footsteps, was destined to become a great assemblyman in Albany. Lo and behold, he became a state senator and then his meteoric rise to becoming chair of the very powerful Senate Education Committee followed. Somewhere along the way, Flanagan (who once had the support of teachers) became a turncoat. In addition, the corrupt underbelly of Albany quickly turned Flanagan into an on-and-off-again champion for education. His children had a marvelous education thanks to the quality of the public schools in the community on Long Island where he and his wife chose to settle. Unfortunately, as soon as his children all graduated, he started down the wrong path. Along with him went the entire repub senate contingent from Long Island ... enamored of their strength and "in" with Cuomo. Visits to see Flanagan have been less than cordial of late ... he is drunk with his own power but has misread the will of the people. The opt-out movement here in Long Island will be his nemesis in the end, as will be his misguided support of Common Core. The guy had it once, now he's just another smiling politician with his own agenda and with a deaf ear to his constituency base.