Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, May 17, 2015

John Flanagan Looks To Stick It To Schools, Make Tax Cap Permanent

From Joseph Spector at Politics on the Hudson:

The state’s property-tax cap expires next year, and new Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan introduced legislation Friday to make it permanent and decouple it from rent-control laws in New York City.

The move by Flanagan, R-Suffolk County, and Senate Republicans is their latest attempt to make the tax cap, put into effect in 2011, a permanent law amid protests from schools, unions and local governments.

Flanagan said in a statement Sunday that the Senate would act as early as this week to approve the bill.

More mandates on schools, less money to carry those resources out.

That's the neoliberal game here.

Flanagan's game.


  1. Love it! Destroy the whole thing. I can't wait to watch it turn into even more of a shit show than it already is. The truth: if PRINCIPAKS would realize they are fucked too, it'd be much better. We'd actually work as a team and laugh at them, rather than fight each other while they laugh at us.

  2. Flanagan is playing Cuomo's game and his kissing up to him so that Cuomo capitulates on republican agenda items. A permanent tax cap isigned into law s going to wreck public schools in NYS for good. So much more for the destruction of public school education in our nation. This is all ordained at the very top and knows no specific political party loyalty. It is a well-calculated (and well-funded) private effort to wreck what remains of a once great public school system. What is immediately apparent is that politicians stand for one thing, and one thing ONLY, $$$$$$$$. Is there NO ONE left standing who can fight this? I'm ready to leave NYS.

  3. Flanagan better understand there is a good chance of the Small Cities case and Mike Rebells lawsuit prevailing. When that happens and money gets shifted from the LI districts he and Smells have championed his tax cap is going to either screw his own region--or require massive increases in state aid. Not where he wants to position himself.

  4. You very often use public opinion polling to support your stance on an issue. Well, New Yorkers are unambiguously in favor of the property tax cap--Democrats, Republicans, indies, upstate, burbs, city, union households, etc.

    (bottom of page 4)

    The only people who are lukewarm to the idea are 18-34 year-olds; iow, people who don't pay property taxes.

    It's possibly an overreach by Flanagan to make the cap permanent, but let's not pretend that taxpayers haven't warmly embraced the cap.

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