Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 18, 2015

Regents To Release A Draft Of Teacher Evaluation Plan Today

From State of Politics:

The State Board of Regents meets all day today, and is expected to release a draft of the new teacher performance evaluations, Education Department Building, 89 Washington Ave., Albany.


  1. Prediction:

    Year-to year growth model (VAM)

    Test scores @ 40% of evaluation

    All K - 8 teachers tied to state (Common Core) tests in ELA and/or math and/or science.

    All 9 -12 teachers tied to a Regents exam

    NO local exams
    NO pre-tests

    Outside observer optional

    Marzano? Danielson? Other?
    Probably "other"

  2. Its going to be awful. A shitshow. Obviously.
    All we can do is make em own it.

  3. You'll see attempts to "reduce" testing to quiet parents.
    You'll see a commitment to strongly anti-teacher evaluation basics, such as rating via test scores and a difficulty in reaching a high level and an ease at being scored poorly.

    You'll see what will basically be the spirit of Cuomo's and Tisch's wet-dreams...with some things fudged with in order to shut parents up. But the end result will be the same...a strongly anti-teacher document.

    One thing I don't want to see is anyone being "shocked."
    You have to be a wild irrational optimist (like the ones who think unicorns exist) to believe that the actual drafting and implementation of this LAW would somehow take some of the edge off.
    The edge was and is the whole point to these spite of all the calls for changing what is not a spite of alot of people thinking Cuomo is politically spite of alot of people thinking Tisch is on her way out....they remain in POWER and will exact their visions. Really.

    No statement of shock later, when the reveal happens...please. NYSUT will do enough of that.

  4. sc..."what is now a LAW" rather than "what is not a LAW"


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