Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 18, 2015

Preet Bharara: Albany Has "Corrosive Corruption"

US Attorney Preet Bharara at Pace Law School commencement:

“We have corrosive corruption in our state capital. We have poison by prescription throughout the country. We have violent gangs, corporations lacking in courage and conscience,” he said.

While Bharara steered clear of specifics about his efforts to clean up the Capital, he did tease the audience, and perhaps any lawmakers listening, about the authority he wields.

“Reminders of the power of the law are all around us. And I don't just mean the power that I have as U.S. Attorney to subpoena and wiretap all of you, although I do have that power,” he said.

More subtle than in the past, but he's still sticking it to Cuomo.

Remember, it was Sheriff Andy who rode in to Albany to clean up the town.

Now Sheriff Andy's going to be lucky he avoids the fate of his two amigos, Silver and Skelos.


  1. What does it all mean? Who will replace the corrupt politicians? More corrupt politicians. Is he going to get rid of the billionaires? Is he going to close the eminent domain loopholes? Is he going to undo all the laws that were secretly passed? What is he really going to accomplish? I say too little too late.


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