Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 11, 2015

National Urban League, On The Gates Payroll, Pushes Testing

From a Daily News piece touting low opt out numbers in the state's urban areas:

“We need annual assessments to ensure that every child is advancing together and that no student is allowed to fall through the cracks of our education system,” said New York Urban League CEO Arva Rice, a member of the High Achievement New York coalition.

Guess who grants income to the New York Urban League and the National Urban League?


Maybe Arva Rice and the New York Urban League would love standardized testing and standardized education without the $5,341,259 in grants from the Gates Foundation to either the New York Urban League affiliate or the National Urban League itself, but you can bet the Gates payola helps.


  1. Can someone ask Arva Rice one simple question. NCLB and Regents RTTT disaggregated data has been shining a light for fourteen years on the have-nots in New York's urban centers. FOURTEEN YEARS Ms. Rice. Struggling students of color living in struggling families and struggling communities all found in the poorest urban centers of our state. FOURTEEN years of test prep and constrained curricula have not budged the academic needle in poor, urban schools. FOURTEEN YEARS of data that hasn't resulted in a single state of the art lab facility being built.FOURTEEN YEARS of data that hasn't bought a single new instrument for the band. FOURTEEN YEARS of data that hasn't filled the art supply cabinets or provided theatre sets and costumes. FOURTEEN YEARS of data that hasn't provided the resources struggling urban children need to lower class sizes.
    FOURTEEN YEARS of data Ms. Rice.

    What the hell are you all waiting for?

  2. Does anyone find it strange that she is demanding more testing, instead of the resources that 14 years of said test scores are supposed to produce?

    Never ask someone to end a policy that provides them a livelihood.