Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cuomo Nominates Brother Of Moreland Tamperer To Judgeship

The Albany Project:

Is this just a case of odd (bad) timing? Or is something else going on here. On the same day that US Attorney Preet Bharara nailed state Senate majority leader Dean Skelos and his son with federal corruption charges related to Skelos’ dealings with, among others, Leonard Litwin’s Glenwood Management, Andrew Cuomo nominated the brother of the man that infamously squashed the efforts of Cuomo’s ill fated Moreland Commission to subpoena information related to the political contributions of major players in the real estate industry to a $174,000 per year judgeship

Well, gotta say this for Andrew Cuomo - he's seemingly not worried about the appearance of a conflict by nominating Larry Schwartz's brother to the state Court of Claims even though Schwartz was the guy who put the kibosh on the Moreland investigations into Cuomo's donors, including the real estate donors that make an appearance in both the Silver and Skelos cases.

Schwartz's appointment to the state Court of Claims isn't the only Cuomo judicial appointment that smacks of cronyism and/or patronage, as Albany Project makes clear in the post.

Either the level of corruption in Andrew Cuomo's New York is so deep now that Cuomo is unafraid to make what kinda looks like a payoff appointment on the same day the feds take down state Senate majority leader Dean Skelos for bribery and extortion or maybe this is all just an innocent coicindence.

One way or the other, it surely does, as Arsenio Hall used to say, make you go "Hmm..."

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