Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Merryl Tisch: 40% Of Teacher Rating Should Be Based On Test Scores

So much for the doyenne of testing listening to parents and teachers:

Making roughly 40 percent of a teacher’s annual evaluation based on student test scores is a “good place to be,” the head of the state Board of Regents said Wednesday.

During an interview Thursday on “The Capitol Pressroom,” Merryl Tisch, the chancellor of the state’s education policy board, said the state’s 17 Regents are “tinkering” with how to weigh a new rating system for teacher ahead of a June 30 deadline for the board to have regulations in place.


“We are now tinkering with how we get to a place where we balance the state tests with the local tests with the observation,” Tisch said on the public radio program. “I think somewhere around the 40 percent mark for objective measures that include state testing and the local tests is probably a good place for us to be.”

Currently 40% of the APPR rating is based on test scores - 20% based on state tests, 20% based on local measures.

How is doing the exact same thing "tinkering" with the system?

Tisch is simply doubling down on the system as is - a test-centric evaluation system that perpetuates the Endless Testing regime.

She must be forced out as chancellor and if the heavy hearts in the legislature are too scared to send her packing, they must pay a political price for their support of her and her Endless Testing regime.


  1. Ms a New York citizen, a taxpayer, a parent, and an educator...I believe that when you are finally forced to resign, and are arrested and prosecuted for your varied and meddling crimes against the people...40% of your time spent behind bars should include hard labor. 50% might have been too much and 30% too little...the people of New York should be "tinkering" on exactly what your punishment should be. Perhaps 30% of your time could be spent writing letters of apology to every New Yorker, and the other 30% spent writing checks to each and every public school system across the state.

    You will be judged annually by "snapshots", unannounced and by people you will never, ever come to decide how you should be measured.

    And if you receive two "ineffectives" or "developing", we will continue to add time to your sentence until you become "proficient".

    You should come to like this system, Ms's very similar to the one you've rammed down the throats of the people of New York.

  2. Bill Samuels is a lot smarter than you Tuschie. You have been set up by the legislature and Quid Pro Quomo to be the fall guy for the disaster that will follow the finalization of this process. You and JOhn King lacked the foresight and leadership to get out front on issues and now you have been set-up and steamrolled. The sad thing is--no one is sympathetic--because based upon your own ineptness and stupidity you deserve to be embarrassed. If you were not so stupid you would resign and fire back at Cuomo and the legislator for the disaster that is now APPR--that would not take responsibility off your shoulders for the disaster that is Common Core--but it would head off the complete destruction of public education. Resign cannot deal with the hand you have been dealt!

  3. Put a fork in her- SHE'S DONE

  4. Separate Ques - does the outside evaluator come unannounced or announced? Thx.

  5. State exams + Local exams = 40% of APPR

    That leaves 60% for observations.

    She is describing what is already in place.

    The woman is clueless.

    1. Thank goodness for her that she married into money...

      Can you imagine if Tusch had to tryst earn a living like a normal person?

      It is obvious that she lacks any talents or qualifications to hold a responsible job or position that most New Yorkers hold.

      She is an utter embarrassment to the people of New York and probably to those who know her... It's good she likes herself because that's probably one person too many...

    2. How in hell did she become Chancellor? And how did the rest of the BOR allow her to hire King John? Have two less experienced, and less qualified people ever been put in charge of a $60B enterprise? King and her took $700M in RTTT money and pissed it away--transforming the state's public education system into a fiasco!

    3. She became Chancellor because of her dearly-departed (removed) friend/colleague/co-conspirator Shelley Silver. He managed to appoint her to the position since he was the Assembly speaker and he constantly protected her stupidity. Since now he plans to wear Orange thanks Preet Bharrara, she has lost the insulator of her stupidity. So now every time she speaks the public is seeing her incompetence and her inability to make intelligent decision in NYSED. So I say to Tisch you got in that position because of political friends of power, but now it's time for you to go. No good-bye party for you. Just leave.

    4. She won't leave on her own...

      A perfect example when arrogance trumps intelligence.

      Tisch needs to be taken away in a patrol car...for a nice drive to the police station...and her face all over the news as she is charged with a multitude of crimes, including fraud and corruption...and that's for starters.

      A billionaire thug, with little intelligence, and her husband's bankroll, because she couldn't earn anything on her own.

      A political ironic it is, a total moron in charge of education...

      Come to think of it....that's the mantra of education reform in our society.

  6. Senator John Flanagan was once a very good friend. I was a contributor, campaigner and strong supporter. Somewhere along the way after he moved from the Assembly to the Senate he completely lost his way, became addicted to power and campaign contributions and started suffering from delusions of grandeur. He went from being a strong advocate for public schools to a cheerleader for the charter school movement. He went from being loved by public school teachers to being despised. I am one of those that despise him.

    Flanagan and Tisch are very close to each other ideologically. To even suggest that 40% of a teacher's evaluation should be based upon a one time test is almost too ludicrous to comment on. Yet this person is the chancellor of the Board of Regents. Why in the world would any young person enter this profession?

  7. As a PE teacher, I am way more concerned about the "outside evaluators" since I have no control over my schools test scores. From what I have heard, there will be two observations: One by the principal and one by the "outside evaluator". Of the two observations, one of them MUST be unannounced. Will the principal or the "outside evaluator" do the announced or unannounced observation? Will one of these observations be considered formal and the other informal? (From what I understand the observation are only ten mins long if you were previously rated effective or highly effective and have tenure) Will there still be pre-and post observation meetings? To me and the majority of teachers who do not teach tested subjects, this is the biggest item we are concerned with at this point.

    1. Ditto for Arts educators!

    2. Your concern is warranted. Look no further than the ATR's situation in regard to observations. The field supervisor is essentially an outside observer. Some are fair and some are headhunters..

  8. The actual law they are working on requires 50% and 50%. That's just how the matrix works. In order to get to a place where state tests are worth 40%, they are going to have to do a lot of tinkering.

    So dragon lady actually has a point here. What she's talking about is an attempt to erase the extra 10% from the mathematics. It is possible. But, like she says, it will require a bit of somewhat confusing creativity.