Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cuomo, Cuomo Aides Still MIA On Skelos Arrest

Jimmy Vielkind at Capital NY:

Glenwood, a New Hyde Park firm that manages rental units around New York City, has not been charged with a crime but was identified without being explicitly named, in the 43-page complaint against Skelos released on Monday. Prosecutors said an executive at the company—who appears to be Dorego—is now cooperating with their ongoing investigation of state lawmakers.

Dorego has been Glenwood's major agent in dealing with campaign contributions for the past several years as Leonard Litwin, its centenarian C.E.O., has receded from the political circuit.

A lawyer for Glenwood declined to comment.

So has Cuomo.

His aides have made no public statement on Skelos' arrest, and did not respond to inquiries. The governor has not appeared publicly since charges were revealed on Monday morning. On Tuesday, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul declined to address Skelos' arrest when asked by a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Spokesmen for Cuomo's campaign and government office declined to respond to Samuels.

Cuomo's schedule today:

No word yet from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press office on his public schedule for the day.

Sheriff Andy says he likes to lead on ethics - okay, Sheriff Andy, do some leading.

How about a statement on the Skelos arrest?

Should he stay or should he go?

And while we're at it, what about all that Glenwood money you took?

Are you planning on keeping the bribe money?


  1. I still cannot get over how NYSUT didn't condemn the Flanagan/Nolan bill to change the manner in which members of the Board of Regents are selected and to keep the evaluation plan in place, albeit with a starting date of December 15. Isn't it ridiculous to have two different evaluation plans in the same school year? Isn't it sickening to let the GOP senators put charter school people on the Board of Regents? Make no mistake, the charter crowd/campaign contributions is what is behind the proposal to allow the Senate to have veto power over the selection of Regents.

  2. NYSUT couldn't find their own ass with a set instructions and a flashlight. Their ability to forecast problems, set priorities, control narrative, asses risk, organize, communicate, and think consequentially are 10 years gone. NYSUT is dead. Empty dues collecting shell. Dead.

    Anything meaningful happen at the RA??